Request a Website Update

I need help with:

Caregiver Connect Website

I have to sign in to Caregiver Connect to access my site

Choose this option if you’re having a technical issue with a website or page that’s not accessible to the public. This includes sites created for Aurora caregivers, business applications, HR systems and custom web applications – just about any type of digital property accessed through Caregiver Connect.

(for video uploads, see option below)

Public Website

My site is accessible to anyone WITHOUT signing in to Caregiver Connect

Choose this option to make updates to pages that are accessible to the public. These include sites like,,, etc.

(for video uploads, see option below)


Uploading a video

Before they can be posted to your website, all videos must be uploaded to the Aurora YouTube channel. This is true whether your site is accessed through Caregiver Connect or not.

To start the upload process, sign in to Caregiver Connect, fill out this form and follow the instructions on the page. If your video has already been uploaded to YouTube, see instructions on what to do next.